Hi, nice to meet you!

After my first son was born, I was so amazed and inspired by my positive birth experience that I wanted all my pregnant friends to feel as confident and proud as I had.  In fact, I couldn't stop thinking about how I really wanted to share this new-found passion with more than just my friends...  So when we moved to Australia I decided to train as a HypnoBirthing educator.  And while training I got to put all my theory into practice again. 


In January 2020 I gave birth to my second son. I had been told that I needed to be induced but I was determined to put my HypnoBirthing skills to use, and as it turned out - with some dedicated visualisations my labour started spontaneously and I was able to give birth on my terms.

I feel so passionately about sharing the power of this course and hope we can work together to make your birth experience the most positive, calm and empowering it can be!